Assessment of new solution

Provided independent analysis of a planned new core and edge data solution



Regional medical center



The medical center had chosen a new core and edge data system and wanted an independent assessment before finalizing the decision. The medical center’s goals were to improve the resiliency and availability of its vulnerable, decentralized core infrastructure, to strengthen the security of its fileserver environment and to centralize and secure its remote clinic/office connections.



While InTech endorsed the overall planned design as sound, additional recommendations were offered for core design improvements and operational additions to improve flexibility, sustainability, resiliency and redundancy; for example: (1) provide flexibility for future growth and more features, scalability and throughput with meshed firewall appliances in place of firewall blades for the critical core infrastructure; (2) improve solution sustainability by training IT staff in real-time in the new environment with on-site engineers to assist in the design, migration and training; and (3) enhance redundancy at a highly critical WAN/I nternet infrastructure point by employing two switched firewalls in a meshed, high-availability design.
Other recommendations (not originally sought, but identified by InTech) focused on steps to provide greater security and availability to the network, allow the IT team to be more proactive, and safeguard patient and business information.



The medical center is now solidly positioned for the future. By implementing the proposed design with InTech’s recommended improvements, the client achieved a highly available, resilient and secure core infrastructure, superior safeguards for patient data, and secure inter-office/clinic connections. The more robust design enhanced customer service and responsiveness by providing a highly reliable communications infrastructure for seamless and uninterrupted communications internally and externally.

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