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InTech was engaged to refresh network equipment reaching the end of its life cycle for a client’s global customer. It should have been routine maintenance, easily accomplished in a few days. The problem was that there was so much disorder among the cabling that the work was slowed every time a cable had to be moved. The large number of cables threatened the job’s duration, end-result and reliability. More importantly, there was significant risk that the entire network could be brought down at any time due to over-stressed connectors breaking. The customer needed someone with the right expertise to untangle this disaster-in-waiting.



While tidying the cabling was not within InTech’s initial scope of work, the team advised the client that a cable strategy should be developed and adopted to improve the project’s end-result and avoid a potentially disastrous impact to business operations. The client agreed on the spot, and InTech went to work. Within 2 weeks, InTech engineers carefully and methodically redesigned the cabling structure without any loss of service, transforming the IT racks from a mass of intertwined cables to a neatly arrayed rack with clear inputs and outputs.



While tidying IT racks and rooms might seem like routine maintenance, it often doesn’t get done in the crush of adding or subtracting cables to accomplish specific tasks. There was a real risk that InTech would not have been able to complete the network refresh without the cabling order upgrade. Worse, there was a risk that mechanical stress caused by the unsupported tangle of cables could have disconnected ports without anyone touching anything. Troubleshooting once the systems were down would have been nearly impossible and could have contributed to more disconnections. Engaging InTech’s expertise—and passion for doing things the right way—avoided future disasters and added value to the service the client was providing. The end result? A satisfied customer.

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