Equipment Refresh Cycle – IT Asset Disposal

Enhanced carrier client’s relationship with a special customer by delivering a broad range of in-country and onsite services



Multinational telecommunications company



The client is contracted with a large customer to refresh their equipment every 2-3 years. This involves de-installation of the equipment along with collection, data-wiping, certification, and recycling. Past providers of this service had been large providers with excessive bureaucracy that made them too slow and too expensive. Seeking a better solution, the carrier called InTech to test their services at a single customer site.



InTech provided the de-installation and recycling service — in 2 weeks and completely in-country. The client quickly expanded InTech’s role to cover all of the customer’s 250 locations in 23 countries.
Impressed with InTech’s efficiency, responsiveness, cost-effectiveness, and one-touch contact, the client has since expanded InTech’s remit to include a broad array of additional onsite services for the customer:

  • Equipment inventories
  • Installations, including for replaced equipment
  • Onsite maintenance
  • Wifi site surveys
  • Wiring and internal cabling
  • Emergency procurement.



InTech’s wide range of onsite services combined with consistently superior client service has strengthened the client’s relationship with their customer, leading to greater sales opportunities, greater satisfaction, and improved customer retention.

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