Multi-country logistics

Managed all logistics of 35-site infrastructure upgrade across Africa and Europe



APAC telecommunications operator



A customer was upgrading infrastructure and security across 35 locations in Africa and Europe, including many countries that are notorious for customs delays. Given the importance of the security upgrades, they needed a speedy solution.



InTech’s network of affiliates in 190 countries won the upgrade assignment over a host of other providers. These in-country affiliates speak the local language and know the customs, which allowed them to procure the hardware and manage delivery logistics through customs to each site, so that customs delays were kept under 2 weeks. In some cases, InTech even flew the parts to the country and hand-delivered them to the sites, thereby avoiding months-long delays.
For each of the 35 locations, Intech asset tagged, staged, and tested the hardware before turning it over.



InTech’s client was able to deliver truly superior service to its customer: the customer’s upgrade was completed in less than 8 weeks, a fraction of the time that is standard for other providers.

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