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The client won a contract with a large global company to manage all mobile devices and contracts worldwide. The client was able to provide support for the customer’s employees in the US — but lacked the resources in other countries to provide the full global coverage the customer required.



While many large outsourcing companies are resourced centrally, InTech’s skilled resources are in-country, so they’re local, reliable, scalable and familiar with the local culture and its nuances.
InTech established a Help Desk in each country in Asia-Pacific as well as Brazil, Costa Rica, Peru and Panama with local teams who are both native speakers and highly proficient in technical English and the local carriers. When replacement parts are needed, the local team works with local carrier representatives or obtains parts from regional depots, distributors or local retailers, avoiding the usual shipping and customs delays. The customer is kept informed at every step of the problem resolution, so they always know the current status and when it was resolved.



The service inside and outside the US is seamless, because both are leveraging in-country talent, knowledge and expertise to get things done quickly and efficiently. The customer can trust that all its employees are getting fast, efficient, dedicated service, wherever they work.

About Intech


InTech is an independent global communications consultancy offering high-value managed services enhanced by 25 years of consulting expertise. InTech’s Managed Services for Voice and Data are distinguished by high-touch customer service, worldwide resources, continuous process improvement, and consistent client communications. Our Consulting Services align communications with business strategy and processes by designing innovative technical solutions that make people, products and technology work better.
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