Voice & data CPE inventory

Completed voice and data CPE inventory in nine Latin American countries within three months



Global cellular communications company



Client with 20,000 employees operating at 17 locations in 9 countries suspected that it was paying maintenance and licensing for voice and data equipment that was no longer in use, but had no efficient way to verify it with in-house resources. Client needed the inventory and verification work completed within 3 months.



InTech quickly deployed its in-country resources in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, and Costa Rica. Within 2 weeks, InTech’s local affiliates were inventorying customer premise desktop PCs, laptops, phones, PBX, servers, switches, routers, LAN equipment, cabling survey, printers and fax machines.
Photographs were taken of all IT rooms to give IT managers better visibility into their facilities. All information was compiled in a centralized database accessible to the client on a continuous basis via an online SharePoint site portal.
After creating the inventory, the team compared the data to all maintenance and licensing contracts, identifying and documenting any disparities.



InTech’s team completed the project on-time and on-budget, identifying discrepancies between hardware and contracts, which the client used to gain significant cost savings. Travel expenses and delays were avoided by having all data capture completed by local affiliates.

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