Rapid-response onsite solutions

It’s 4:00 am and your customer service center gets an urgent call from your customer in [location] with a network down due to a [problem]. It will be a week before you can get a capable technician onsite. What do you do?

You call InTech.

We provide expedited onsite services anywhere in the world through our vast network of local, in-country engineers and procurement experts. Our techs give you the edge, because they speak the local language, know how to navigate local customs, and have the InTech “can-do” attitude that makes things happen.

Whether it’s skilled ad hoc resources, a trouble-shooting SWAT team for technical support, skilled help desk, expedited procurement, or short-term placement of full-time onsite experts, our superpowers are agility, speed, and customer-focus.


Need a superhero? Check out these customer case studies of our super-responsive onsite services.

Voice infrastructure installation


Procured, installed and programmed voice infrastructure in Latin America — and trained 500 users in the local...


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Emergency procurement


Delivered IT infrastructure in under a week to a customer in  Puerto Rico after the hurricane — when it mattered...


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Voice & data CPE inventory


Completed voice and data CPE inventory in nine Latin American countries within three...


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Cabling intervention


Prevented potential disruption to business operations through expert redesign of chaotic...


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