Our Firm

The InTech Group, Inc. is a global IT consultancy specializing in managing infrastructure projects and installations worldwide, as well as rapid on-site problem-solving. InTech’s principle strategists have a combined 60+ years’ experience in solving complex technical challenges for clients.


Our unique business model combines a core management team with an agile network of in-country technologists around the world who share our business principles. This dynamic workforce includes 3,500 affiliated senior project managers / architects and thousands of affiliated technologists with a broad range of skillsets and certifications.


InTech’s culture fosters creativity, promotes collaboration and values diverse backgrounds, producing a team that is smart, original, flexible, efficient and quick. We can design a solution and ramp up global resources before the average consultancy has grasped the problem. We make things happen for our clients.

Our Process for Quick Engineering Dispatch

Our process is built for speed, with a qualified engineer from InTech’s global affiliate network engaged within 72 hours from request, guaranteed—and within 48 hours 95% of the time.


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