Why InTech

InTech helps you profitably expand services to your best customers under your brand by solving their global challenges with reliability, speed, and excellence.  Your customers enjoy fast, effective problem resolution and complete geographic coverage, even at their remotest sites, with standardization and continuity across countries, sites, and cultures. The result? Improved satisfaction and retention among your large, multi-site customers and enhanced reputation for exceptional customer service.


Here’s how we’re different:


Our business model is built for speed. Trusted and vetted in-country professionals work under the direction of our core management team so there are no layers of management and decisions are made quickly. Our dynamic affiliated workforce of senior project managers, architects and certified technologists around the world can be activated and onsite before our competitors have assigned a project manager.


We’ve based our customer service on a hospitality model, so when you think of our customer service, think 5-star hotel:

  • Our teams are empowered to anticipate customer needs and proactively solve problems.
  • Our technologists are hand-picked for professionalism and conscientiousness in addition to technical skills.
  • We provide one communications touch-point and consistent, customized, high-touch communications.

Truly Global

We are the only provider of global infrastructure, installation, and engineering solutions that combines deep expertise, fast delivery, and worldwide coverage. That’s because our affiliates are already in-country and can be at your customer’s site within 24 hours, wherever it is. They speak the local language and know the culture, so they know the best way to get things done.

Proven results

Don’t just take our word for it.

Check out these case studies and see what our clients say.


Case Studies